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We've recently had some updates loaded onto a demo site. Unfortunately there was a problem with one of the features in that update, so we're trying to correct the problem before we load it onto the site.

As soon as the issue is cleared up, we'll let you all know when the update will be installed.

We apologize for the long wait, and thank you for your patience, and continued support and encouragement... you've all been great!




The updates are currently being installed on the site. This process should not require any downtime, so the site should function normally throughout. We've been told that the installation will be completed within a 24 hour time frame. I'm sure there will be a bit of a learning period for all of us, but we think these updates will make the site more enjoyable. If any problems are encountered, delaying the process, we'll post that information here as well.

Let's cross our fingers that all goes well.   Wink




The update was completed, so you can now ask poll questions and embed photos from your computer files. The options are located at the top of the "Ask Your Question" pane. We'd hoped for more, such as an easier method for embedding videos, but the solution offered in this update didn't meet our specifications. We'll continue to look for a solution regarding that issue.

Thanks again for your patience.




We have added  Video as an option for questions. This option includes the ability to embed youtube videos, by way of copying the embed code from youtube and pasting it into the appropriate field. You no longer have to alter the code in any way for the video to post. You can also embed videos in answers and comments. In answers and comments, copy the embed code as before, paste it into the same field in which you've typed your response, but add [youtube] to the front-end of the code, and [/youtube] to the back-end (including the brackets)

We've also added an option in the video question, by which you can upload personal videos from your own computer, and then post them as part of your question. This process takes awhile to complete, because the video has to be copied and processed before it can be viewed. If you've ever downloaded a video before, you know that it takes some time. Once the video has been uploaded, the pop-up browse window will close automatically. After that has occurred, it will take a few minutes longer for processing before the video can be viewed. When you post the question, your personal video will be displayed just like a Youtube video.

We will be adding an answer and comment alert system for profiles, among other features as we move forward, and we'll keep you informed as to our progress.

Well, there's the formal announcement... now go try this new stuff, and let us know what ya think, or if there's a problem we missed. Laughing


Update 4-23-10

We've added View counters, but they're not functioning well yet (they can't seem to add) Tongue out 


They're also causing some words in questions and the details panes to either be cut off, or run over the edge. We're working to correct these problems and we're sorry for the inconvenience. If these issues aren't corrected soon, we'll remove the counters until they are.

Thanks again for your patience.



Update 4-25-10

We've temporarily removed the "Views" counters, as they weren't working properly. When the bugs are worked out, we'll put them back in.

We're also in the process of getting the newest comments to post at the bottom of the thread, so we'll be able to read the thread from top to bottom.

Once these issues are worked out, we'll move on to the next phase of upgrades, which will include additional profile features.



Update 5-4-10

We've added a link to Youtube at the bottom of each page, which will open in a separate window, making it easier to navigate back and forth without losing the page that you were on. You can click while in the process of asking or answering a question, and still keep what you've already started writing intact.



Update 5-13-10

There are a few things in the works right now. We have some updates coming soon which will include the dating of comments, the question asker’s avatar will be visible for reference after you click to answer a question, a text editing feature and an easier method for embedding photos and videos in answers and comments, a full members list with stats, and an alert system for answers and comments in profiles. Work on these features began on 5-10 and we hope to see some results soon.

The other news is, What and Why will become our own branded domain. It’ll still have all the features that it does now, and more, but we’ll have greater access to it’s nuts and bolts, which will allow us to make changes as need be. One of those changes will be to more fully link, or integrate the 2 sites of Carbonet and W&W. We’ll still have support teams in place for both sites to help us deal with any issues that arise, so there’s no worry regarding the branding change. The integration of these two sites will result in a more diverse social network in a Q&A format, which has always been our goal. The branding change is scheduled for July of 2010, and the integration process will begin shortly there after.

We’re really excited about the possibilities that these changes are going to provide, and we hope you all will be too. The support that you all have given us is nothing short of phenomenal… we thank you so very much for that, and we’ll continue to do our best to make this a fun and feature full Q&A network.


Update 6-18-10

Some new updates have been applied to the site which include:

A Leader Board that contains a full list of Members.

A comment alert system within the profiles.

An Editor Bar in the question answer field, which also includes easier methods for embedding links (using your own caption), pictures (from your own computer files), and Youtube videos (just copy and paste the embed code from Youtube into the embed field, alterations to the code are no longer required)

Comments are now dated so you'll know when they were posted.

When answering a question, the asker's Avatar and name now appear in the question field.

There are a couple of adjustments that still need to be made regarding the Editor Bar.

The "Bold", "Bigger" and "Smaller" applications aren't working as they should.

When using the Editor Bar... write out your answer, highlight what text you want to change, and then click on your selection, such as Italics etc.

We'll be trying to correct the editing text problem as quickly as possible.

When the tweaks are done, we'll add more to the Help section regarding these modifications.

Please let us know if you encounter any glitches in these new additions.. Thanks.


Update 7/26/10

We've added a chat room which you can link to via your profile page. The link is below and left of your profile info.

The room opens in a popup window, so you can navigate the site, or anywhere else for that matter, and still keep your chat going.

We thought this feature would also be helpful, if anyone wanted to walk through instructions for any of the other functions of the site.

I still have a little fiddling to do, mostly on the administrative functions, but it's up and running.



Hope you'll give it a try. Laughing




We've added a radio link with 10 music genres. It's currently located at the bottom of the page, and in the profile Chat Room.

To use the radio, click the link "Radio" at the bottom left of the Chat window or page. A new window will open with a selection of genres; click the one of your choice and the radio should selfstart. If it doesn't start in a few seconds, click stop, and then start.

You can pause, stop, or skip ahead to the next song, by clicking the respective buttons on the player.

Both of these features (Chat, Radio) can be run simultaneously, and while navigating the site.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Enjoy the music!





Carbonet will begin hosting promotional videos on its new video page. The video page can be accessed via the new menu located on the left, and halfway down on the home page. We'll be posting links to these promotional videos on sites like Twitter and Facebook when the current production is completed and added to the video page.

The new menu also provides access to all of Carbonet's back pages. Within 5 clicks, any page in Carbonet's history can be viewed.... all questions and answers are still active.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact me.






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