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For the purposes of this agreement, and, will be known as “The Site(s)” and “users” will be defined as users of “The Site(s)”.



Personal information submitted by users during the registration process, will not be shared with third parties, nor shall users share the personal information of other users with third parties, including other users, without the informed consent of said users.


Agreements in usage: Users must be of a minimum age of 18 years. Users must be respectful of one another, recognize management’s sole authority in the mediation of disputes, and the determinations arrived at by management, regarding such disputes, or any perceived misuse of the site, as deemed by management or users, including the posting of, but not limited to, pornographic, offensive, and or, illegal materials.



Management is not obligated to, nor capable of, monitoring all of the materials posted.

Users agree, as a condition of membership, to be fully responsible, and legally liable, for the content of their submitted materials, written or otherwise, and to recognize the nonexclusive, royalty free, world wide right of “The Site(s)” to publish the materials submitted by users.

Management’s determinations are final, are exclusively under management’s prerogative, and may include temporary, or permanent restricted use of the site.

The conditions of these "Terms of Use" are subject to change without notification. Users are responsible for reviewing them regularly.


This site is not monitored


Users should not use their real name, or provide any other personal information, including, but not limited to, names, addresses, places of employment or photographs for public viewing. Management regards all such postings as fictitious, and is not responsible for violations of this rule.

Users should not post copyrighted materials. Users are responsible for violations of this rule.

Once an account has been established, it may not be removed, cancelled or deleted.








Now, enough of the expected formalities. Please feel free to pass on any suggestions or complaints via Contact Us; each and every one is valuable in making this a great site, and let’s above all else, have fun.

Please check your spam e-mail folder for your registration verification e-mail.









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